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The name Trista was given to 42 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/14/2016
A well-known bearer of this name is the American reality TV personality Trista Sutter.
Lucille  2/13/2016
My parents named me Tristy and my two closest friends from school (in a very small town) were both named Trista!

Tristy has become popular and I'm meeting more people every year from all over who have my name and spell it the same way.

So I'm curious about the meaning and history of the name ending with Y instead A.
Tristyd45  10/16/2015
The name Trista was given to 72 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/18/2013
Trista is a very pretty name. I like it because it is different.
Missy125  7/30/2011
I'm not a fan. I prefer Tristana or Tristessa.
Dawson  12/30/2010
I'd like this name more if it didn't remind me of the word "tryst"--usually synonymous with "rendezvous" or an arranged meeting in general, except tryst usually has sexual connotations.
― Anonymous User  7/25/2010
This name is really growing on me. I actually like it now. It's a million times better than Tristan is for a girl.
number1212  7/7/2009
I find this name really cool and pretty, and I'll give the people naming their daughters Trista credit for using this feminine form of the name instead of Tristan, as there are parents who name their daughters Tristan, and I don't like that. It's just that the name might begin to sound dull and lose its egde and glamour factor if it becomes overused. Just don't move to Sweden if you name your daughter this, as the word 'trist' is a word for dreary, boring, miserable things.
slight night shiver  5/11/2008
"Trista" is the Spanish feminine adjective for "sad."
ADT  7/13/2006
Actually in Spanish the adjective is "triste" whether the noun is masculine or feminine. "Trista" is not a word in Spanish.
kirluci  10/30/2008
In the English verison of Sailor Moon, Sailor Pluto is named Trista!
Hailey2006  7/7/2006
I think this name is better for a girl than Tristan.
― Anonymous User  6/13/2006

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