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Trudie Styler is an English actress, film producer and director. She is the wife of the musician Sting. Trudie Styler was born in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England. When Styler was two years old, she was hit by a van. She received severe facial injuries that left her badly scarred and required several plastic surgery operations up until the age of 18. Her classmates nicknamed her "scarface", which caused her to feel for many years that she was "not a very attractive person".
cutenose  5/20/2017
I'm sorry but I absolutely hate this. Gertrude and Gertie don't really bother me, but "Trudie" sounds harsh and brass, plus I associate it with the words "rude" and "lewd". I think this is my least favorite name in the universe.
susiejean  5/22/2008

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