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The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra's mother and sister were both named Cleopatra Tryphaena.
Eirena  6/28/2005
An alternate way of spelling this name is Tryphaena, an ancient spelling.
carolinamoon  9/23/2008
Tryphena is the name of a secondary character from the novel "Lyddie" written by Katherine Paterson.
winterglow  1/4/2009
Used occasionally for black women in South Africa, though I've never heard of it given to white women here.
Anneza  4/3/2009
This is a very pretty name. I like the sound of it. It sounds very elegant.
bananarama  4/3/2010
One of my great grand aunts had the name Tryphena, and I think it is a really complimentary name; particularly in conjunction with some surnames. I think it's a shame it's underused nowadays.
Nomen Salutis  3/20/2011
* Thomas Hardy the English writer was in love with his cousin Tryphena.
* The first governor of N.S.W in Australia was married to Tryphena.
* There is a Trefina gorge near Alice Springs in Australia
* In New Zealand there is an island with a town called Tryphena.
* My family, from England, used to have a long history of the name Tryphena up until the last 3-4 generations, then I was christened Tryphena and I now go by this spelling - Trypheyna.
* Check out the book 'The Intimacy of Death & Dying' by Trypheyna McShane.
Trypheyna  1/25/2012

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