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I think Tsukiko is a wonderful name! (I think most Japanese names are wonderful...) I have a fan character named Tsukiko.
Inu-chan  9/8/2005
This name is lovely, as Japanese names often are. It would be a good name for a girl born at night, especially the night of a full moon.
Phoenix Flower  10/4/2005
Because the name "Tsukiko" means moon child, it would fit best to a girl born under the zodiac sign Cancer, because of Cancer's ruling planet, the Moon. This name can be used however people choose it to be used though. I wish this was my name, because I was born under Cancer. I really love this name.
Kurisutaru  12/14/2005
Though the name is possible, it doesn't seem that common in real life.
abbasdaughter  12/27/2005
I use this site to find names for my anime characters. My cousin's favourite character is called this and I think it's a beautiful name!
PretteeGurlPoizen  4/3/2006
This was the name of some old lady in Naruto episode 186.
KaiSilvaPhantom  1/3/2007
Two famous bearers:
Tsukiko Sagi, one of the main characters of the anime series Paranoia Agent.
Tsukiko, the Japanese name of the weekday sibling Monica from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.
tenshisaito  4/6/2007
In the manga Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino, Hanabusa Aidou has a sister named Tsukiko.
secretsofadarkangel  4/1/2010
In the manga Samurai High school the main character was a girl named Tsukiko and her brother Kou.
Anglegirl  4/28/2014

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