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Another possible meaning of Tutankhamon could be 'Living image of Amon' as pharaohs were deified.
― Anonymous User  4/16/2005
Pronounced: (TOOT-on-KHAM-un) Doesn't it sound funny? :)
libbygirl  11/8/2006
It is an interesting name, but don't name your kids this, please! They'll be 'King Tut' all their lives.
Lyric  3/2/2007
It's an okay name. But seriously, who would name their kid this? Who would want to be named this? Nobody.
― Anonymous User  4/22/2007
I think it sounds very Egyptian! The Ancient Egyptains, in by way of thinking, had great imagination!
IAmTabby  9/10/2008
This looks ridiculous as a name.
bananarama  9/19/2008
I've also heard it pronounced "too-tehn-kah-MOON," with an emphasis on the last syllable.
JustAnotherFangirl  12/7/2014
For those of you who think this is what the Egyptian Pharaoh was named, you're wrong.
This name is spelled "T-U-T-A-N-K-H-A-M-O-N", however the pharaoh's name was spelled "T-U-T-A-N-K-H-A-M-U-N".
Official Name Critic  12/11/2017

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