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I believe it means little devil.
Tammy-kay  8/14/2005
I was told that it means "thunder ruler". I don't really have any back up proof with that, though.
CamilleTheGreat  8/2/2006
For some reason, I like this name. I don't know why. But of all the Tyrells I know of, they're all mischeivous.
Kumashea  2/14/2007 had this name erroneously listed as "African American origin" meaning "Thunder Ruler". I have the feeling that was either a prank or the doing of an Afrocentric person.

More likely, American blacks gravitated towards this name as a number of them have developed an affinity for names that end in "ell". Certainly a much nicer sounding set of names than the "Sha" or "La" names.
Midgard666  8/23/2007
There's the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleotology is Drumheller, Canada. It's named after Joseph Burr Tyrrell, a geologist who first found dinosaur fossils in the area. The name Tyrrell makes me think of "tyranonsaurus", so I think it's a pretty great name for the museum. I'll never be able to hear the name without thinking of dinosaurs.
― Anonymous User  10/3/2015

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