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My name is Vadim Nwaite and I am so happy to have this name in my life. Thank you Lord for giving me this name.
― Anonymous User  4/24/2016
Vadim Schneider played Sébastien Dubé in the tennis-circuit themed dramatic series 15/Love on YTV. On September 8, 2003, Schneider and his co-star Jaclyn Linetsky were driving to the filming of an episode of 15/Love when the minivan lost control and collided with oncoming traffic. Both actors were killed in the accident.
sambchop  10/28/2012
The core root of this name means to "attract" and "possess" in old-Russian ("vad"it'). So the bearer of this name is essentially someone who attracts people and is loved by them or just a popular person-magnet.
vadler  6/12/2011
A Czech handbook on names, by Miroslava Knappová, claims it could mean "maligned". But I guess it's not a source of much significance, when it itself says it's "possibly".
HanaB  3/9/2010
A famous bearer of the name is former Laskovyj Maj soloist Andrej Razin, whose real name is Vadim Krivorotov.

(Info courtesy of
Wierka  1/11/2009
This name isn't so popular these days. I don't know many Vadims. My father's name is Vadim but everyone calls him Vadik. This is a nice and easy name but for some reason a lot of people mispronounce it.
― Anonymous User  11/7/2007
Pronounced vah-DEEM.
Lisie  10/19/2006
Commonly shortened to Vadik. [noted -ed]
Lisie  10/19/2006
Not a form of Vladimir. It actually means "driven" (archaic).
shiroi  7/27/2006
Vadim is a unique name, NOT a truncation of Vladimir. Vadim comes from the Slavic vedet. It still exists in Czech, Polish but it is mainly popular in Russia.
(Slavic meaning) "A powerful ruler" and in addition "the knowing one"
(Greek meaning) "deceiving and unpredictable"
― Anonymous User  6/16/2006
Very old Slavic name meaning "driven by something".
olga  1/13/2006

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