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Given Name VAL
GENDER: Masculine & Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: VAL   [details]
Meaning & History
Short form of VALENTINE (1), VALERIE, and other names beginning with Val.
actors, diminutives, directors, scientists, short forms, The Office US characters, unisex
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Valentinus, Valeria (Ancient Roman), Balendin (Basque), Valentin (Bulgarian), Valentin, Valerija, Tin, Valent (Croatian), Valentin, Valérie, Valerie (Czech), Valentin (Danish), Valentijn (Dutch), Valentin, Valérie (French), Valentin, Valeria, Valerie, Valeska (German), Bálint, Valéria (Hungarian), Valentino, Valeria, Tino (Italian), Valērija (Latvian), Valerija (Lithuanian), Valentin (Macedonian), Valentin (Norwegian), Walenty, Waleria (Polish), Valéria (Portuguese), Valentin, Valeria, Vali (Romanian), Valentin, Valeriya, Lera (Russian), Ualan (Scottish), Valerija (Serbian), Valentín, Valéria (Slovak), Valentin, Valerija, Tine, Tinek (Slovene), Valentín, Valeria (Spanish), Valentin (Swedish), Valentyn, Valeriya, Lera (Ukrainian), Folant (Welsh)
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