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The hero of Sherrilyn Kenyon's novel "Seize the Night" is named Valerius who also happens to be a Roman general.
Missy  3/5/2006
I love this name for a boy. There's something both strong and soft about the name.
childdoll  9/12/2006
This is a great name for characters, although I wouldn't stick it on my son. I once had a character name Valerius - but it didn't work for him. About a year after writing the story, I changed his name slightly to Varius. He is currently called Tristan, and that will not stay long. Difficult character to name! But even still, after all this time, "Val" is what I think when I read about him. He will always be Valerius in the end.
Emmasj  9/14/2006
In the movie Van Helsing, there is a character whose name is Anna Valerious.
Zanizaila  6/28/2010

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