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Vartan could be great for a character name. The character could have a sister or partner character that also means rose or something of the like, Nasrin or Vardo for example.
fishl_x  12/23/2008
Actually, Vartan is the name of an important character in the very famous Armenian novel Khent (The Fool). He is the main hero of the story and lover of Lila, who he tries unsuccessfully to rescue. The novel`s influence on Armenian culture could be why it is so popular among Armenians today. They don`t mention his siblings, though.
Mackadal  1/30/2009
Saint Vartan Mamikonian was one of the greatest military and spiritual leaders of ancient Armenia.
that one  11/10/2009
I read on one site that it can also mean ether just "rose" or "Giver of roses".
― Anonymous User  2/20/2010
This does actually does sound nice, and has a good meaning.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2014

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