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This is an ancient and honorable name that likely originated in Slavic lands. The oldest use of this name dates to 907 when the son of Borivoy II was born. He was christened Venceslav. He was a Duke of Bohemia for five years before he was murdured by his brother in 929. St. Venceslav is now the patron saint of Bohemia.
pan_mila  5/14/2005
Note: The name is NOT the Czech version of Wenceslas but rather Wenceslas is the German version of the Czech name Venceslav.
pan_mila  5/14/2005
Feminine version is Věnceslava.
Emilie007  10/13/2008
Věnceslav Černý (27th January 1865 Nové Benátky – 15th April 1936 Mladá Boleslav), painter and illustrator.
Emilie007  10/13/2008
Vjenceslav and Većeslav are Croatian forms.
goricar  1/12/2010

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