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I really like this name -- the way it sounds, and how ENGLISH it is. And it means "truth" -- what better way to teach a kid to be honest?
lunalovegood  4/17/2006
I met a little girl named Verity Sage and the name was even more beautiful in person.
Kitten  4/27/2006
I think that this name is the most beautiful thing that you can ever name your beloved daughter! Why use platitudinous names like Isabella, Kayla, Emily and Emma, when there is this? So delicate, pure and indubitable! My daughter is going to be named this and I certainly repute that she will live up to her name.
Starla-Marie_1993  8/4/2006
Very sweet name, beautiful. A character in my newest story, Verity (or "Vert" as her cousin calls her) is the truthful one - living up to her name!
Emmasj  9/6/2006
Not exactly "famous" but there is a Verity in J.K. Rowling's book, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," as an employee at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. She makes a very brief appearence.
Emmasj  9/6/2006
This is a gorgeous name! So delicate and innocent!
― Anonymous User  9/19/2006
Not very famous, but in the Jonathan Coe novel "The Winshaw Legacy: or, What a Carve Up!" Verity is the name of Michael Owen's ex-wife.
Honora  10/30/2006
I also have to say that I really don't like this name. It sounds weird.
― Anonymous User  4/4/2007
I agree. It looks ok spelled out, but the sound it makes. No, it's not in my name list for sure. It sounds more like the Spanish word for green, "verde", than anything else to me.
Tango  5/6/2007
I just don't like this name. I remember reading a book about a girl named Verity, and her character annoyed me. I also just don't like the way it is spelled, or sounds.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2007
In the James Bond movie "Die Another Day," Madonna's character is named Verity.
alphadogma  10/13/2007
In the "Assassin's Apprentice" series by Robin Hobb, Verity is a male name borne by a prince.
Steren  11/17/2007
If your name is a virtue, you have a lot to live up to. And imagine if you got caught lying? Lovely, though. Very feminine and pretty.
FMRadio  1/6/2008
In one of Jacqeuline Wilson's books, there is a character called Verity, I can't remember the title though. I really really like this name, I like the way it sounds and the spelling and especially the meaning.
dreamgirl54  1/7/2008
It would be hilarious if a woman named Verity turned out dishonest. This name is something that you are sort of expected to live up to. Besides, the name isn't pretty, and it sounds a bit pompous and corny.
slight night shiver  5/12/2008
Verity sounds very Puritan and uptight, as do most of the "virtue" names. I'd expect a "Verity" to be devoutly religious, stuffy and rigid.
paintwolf  6/7/2008
I love this name. It's my current name-crush. I love the meaning, the sound, the way it looks, the nickname possibilities, everything. I think it would suit any type of girl. It sounds sweet, but the V and T sounds also give it an edge.
SuperstarBear  7/1/2008
Not to be rude to the Verity's out there, but I love the name "Clarity" better.
Paris44  8/31/2008
Verity Firth is the Minister for Science and Medical Research, in the NSW state Government, Australia.
Willandra  9/9/2008
I think this is a lovely name, and a very strong name for a girl. I like the meaning as well. I think I like it pronounced "VeriTy" instead of "VeriDy", though I think laziness on the part of all of us English speakers would turn that T into a D pretty quickly.
Aesha  1/19/2009
Verity is one of my favorite virtue names. It is unusual, sweet sounding, and what can be more noble than wishing to instill truthfulness in your child? I think that Verity and Honesty would be lovely names for sisters.
ningyorose  3/30/2009
I've lived with this name all my life and I love it! I'm very thankful to my parents for picking me an interesting and elegant name. Sure, a few people look at you funny when they hear it, but mostly I get positive responses. I'm proud to be called Verity and that's the truth!
― Anonymous User  1/30/2010
I love this name! It first caught my eye as the lead character of a book I read and since then I've taken special notice of this name when I hear it. I adore that it means truth. Nothing contestable. Usually I'm apprehensive about virtue names such as Chastity, Faith, Prudence. But this name is truly elegant and has a very pleasing feminine sound. True it would be bad if your child was named this and turned out to be a constant liar, but then again I'm sure the parents of girls named Chastity don't expect their daughters to be promiscuous.
Raggle1990  2/4/2010
I really like this name even though it is weird. Vera could be a nice nickname.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2010
Verity is the name of a charity dedicated to women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

This might be a good name for a baby if you had had trouble conceiving previously due to PCOS.
SandSea  3/31/2010
Although I don't necessarily agree that the previously cited names Emily and Isabella are at all "platitudinous" in their popularity, I agree that Verity is quite a beautiful name. It's not as harsh/"macho" as Veronica (which I believe shares a Latin root with Verity, as both names are related in some fashion to "truth"), and even as an English vocabulary word it isn't often used in conversation (at least, not in the circles I grew up in--possibly more common in academia).
erb816  7/25/2010
When I first hear it the sound is so strange, but on the second time around I love it.
DavidaRose  5/28/2011
Upon looking or hearing "Verity," the word "Variety" immediately materializes in my mind without any further provoking-- and I certainly feel that others will stumble through a mispronunciation equaling "Variety" quite often.
Moreover, it is not beautiful to the eye or to the ear.

The flow is very unsteady; personally, it is a rigid, unprofessional, juvenile, and comedic... and those qualities are not things that I would look for when naming a child.
Francesca  1/25/2012
This is still used in Britain; it isn't that common, but not unheard of.
AnastasiaE  11/1/2012
I'm currently watching the Poldark series from the 70's and one of the characters is named Verity. I was so intrigued by the name that I had to learn more about it and I ended up here.

I think Verity has a lovely ring to it. It is pretty enough for a little girl, but stylish enough for a grown woman. I'm surprised that in the quest for "old fashioned" names, that it has not become more popular.
cbrand  11/24/2012
Considering most people don't instantly "know" what Verity even is because of how rare the word is today (I didn't and I was an English major), I would not choose this name. Also, it sounds too much like "variety", which isn't a bad thing but sort of strange.
EstherTester  4/9/2013
Would be perfect to go along with a simple last name. I doubt many people know that it means truth, so "living up to it" probably wouldn't be an issue. Also, I agree that Vera is a beautiful nickname! (I have a unique virtue name so perhaps I am biased).
iamamiam  6/14/2013
The name Verity was given to 51 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/19/2013
Verity Lambert was the founding producer of the very popular British sci-fi show Doctor Who. She was one of the first major female television producers and has made a huge impact on popular culture.
― Anonymous User  4/7/2014
EEK EEP EEP- I wholeheartedly ❤ this name! I'd totally name my future daughter Verity! What a superbly good virtue name! (^^)b.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2014
In Pokémon Lake Verity is a location in the region of Sinnoh.
― Anonymous User  8/20/2014
My name is Verity and I definitely get called Variety quite a bit. When people ask my name I usually have to repeat myself but once the person understands what I said, they usually say I have a beautiful name. My mother found the name in an Agatha Christy book (I'm pretty sure Verity is the murder victim). As a child I did tell lies but once I got older, my name helped me change my ways and I am a better person for it.
VerityJohnson  6/3/2016
The name Verity was given to 60 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
As a Verity I love that my name isn’t common. I get quite a few comments on how lovely the name is from people who haven’t heard the name before & some who have as well. There are a few ignorant people out there who haven’t heard it before & make a thing about it but you get them with anything & thankfully they are few & far between.
Ver1980  7/28/2016
How can this name be labelled "English (Archaic)" if it is currently in the Top 500 in England?! [noted -ed]
erb816  2/2/2017
I've seen this name more and more on name-lovers forums, and I think it has to be due to a combination of the the popularity of V sounds in names of late and the popularity of the new Poldark TV adaption. (I am also seeing more people listing 'Demelza'.) I like the sharpness and straight-forwardness of this name; I'd love to meet a Verity. I think it's nice that the nickname 'Vera' could be used.
Fionnghuala  2/21/2017
I love the name and meaning. Vera, a lovely name in its own right, could be a nickname.
Paula Puddephatt  5/24/2017
This is the prettiest name I've ever heard. It's classy and classic and beautiful and uncommon but not weird. I also love the meaning.
Scarlson  10/29/2017
The name lives on! My daughter's third daughter has just been named Verity. It was my choice for #2, as her first was Felicity. Happiness and Truthfulness.
Lynnieannie  10/29/2017
I did not like the name Verity at first. But it grew on me and I love it! The meaning of the name does have an effect on my liking it. I would go with the nickname Very. Verity is a very pure sweet name.
CrayStay  4/4/2018

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