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Vesna does not mean "messenger" nor does it stem from the word "vest" (which translates as news or message). Vesna was the name of a pre-Christian Slavic Goddess of Spring and Fertility. The word "Vesna" originates from Sanskrit and is related to the word "Vishnu" (the name of one of the three major Gods in Hinduism).
― Anonymous User  8/4/2011
Even though Vesna has been on my list for a while now, I've only recently started considering it for a future daughter of mine. It's so unique and pretty.
― Anonymous User  6/17/2011
Vesna Čitaković, volleyball player
Vesna Jovanović, visual artist
Vesna Krmpotić, writer and translator
Vesna Manasieva, tennis player
Vesna Milačić, songwriter and performer
Vesna Milošević, handball player
Vesna Mišanović, chess player
Vesna Pešić, politican
Vesna Pisarović, pop singer
Vesna Pusić, a member of Hrvatski Parliament and a main speaker of the opposition Hrvatski People's Party - Liberal Democrats in the Parliament.
Vesna Radović, handball player
Vesna Škare Ožbolt
Vesna Teršelič, peace activist
Vesna Trivalić, actress
Vesna Vulović, political activist and former flight attendan
Vesna Zmijanac, folk singer
Emilie007  9/12/2008
It means "spring" in Slavic languages.
Karcoolka  2/25/2008
Although "Vesna" means "spring" it derives from the word "vest" which means "news" therefore "message" and it has received an extended meaning of "spring" because spring was believed to be the start of the new year hence spring was the messenger telling us the new year is starting. Hence "Vesna" means "messenger" (female version of the noun) and "spring".
― Anonymous User  12/22/2009
Vesna is a fictional character in the movie "Samotáři". She was played by Labina Mitevska.
Karcoolka  2/25/2008
The name "Vesna" in Serbia is also connected to the Resurrection of Christ. It would be similar to the Greek name "Evangalia". The one who brings the Good News with a smile. Spring time is associated with the Resurrection.
rradoici  12/20/2006
In Serbian, "Vesna" has the stress on the second syllable, and has a slightly different meaning than in Russian.
rradoici  12/20/2006
It´s a special name. Home form: Veska, Vesinka, Vesita, Esna, Vesinečka.
Maggie_Simpson  8/20/2006
Russian pop singer Alsou sings a song called Vesna (meaning 'spring' in Russian). It is a pretty song and I think this is a pretty name too.
Arieanne  2/27/2006
There ist a famous poem of the Russian Mikhail Lermontoff which is named "Vesna". And it was a very popular name in all Yugoslavian republics during the 70s and 80s ... ;)
Desert  7/8/2005
'Vesna' (second syllable stressed) means 'spring' in modern Russian.
― Anonymous User  6/24/2005
This name does not mean "messenger" in Slovenian, Croatian or Serbian! Vesna is the goddess of spring according to old Slavic mythology.
lunadeplata  2/24/2005

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