Names Related to Vincente

Names that are related to VINCENTE:
BENCE   m   Hungarian
BIKENDI   m   Basque
CENEK   m   Czech
ENZO   m   Italian, French
UINSEANN   m   Irish
VICENÇ   m   Catalan
VICENT   m   Catalan
VICENTE   m   Spanish, Portuguese
VIKENTI   m   Russian
VIKENTIJE   m   Serbian
VIKENTIY   m   Russian
VIN   m   English
VINCE   m   English, Hungarian
VINCENC   m   Czech, Slovene
VINCENT   m   English, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Slovak
VINCENTAS   m   Lithuanian
VINCENTE   m   Italian
VINCENTIUS   m   Late Roman
VINCENZA   f   Italian
VINCENZO   m   Italian
VINKA   f   Croatian
VINKO   m   Croatian, Slovene
VINNIE   m   English
VINNY   m   English
VINZENT   m   German
VINZENZ   m   German
WINCENTY   m   Polish