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Dutch pronunciation is vee-O-nah.
X-Mar  1/31/2006
Interesting, and prettier than Fiona.
-Julia-  9/2/2009
Also a Dutch variant of Fiona.
erb816  6/2/2012
Viona Ielegems is a Russian photographer.
PaperPlague  8/19/2012
Actually Viona Ielegems is a Belgian photographer.
Thalia  10/9/2012
I think Viona is a wonderful name: simple yet elegant, feminine and refreshing. So much better than Viola or Fiona.
Thalia  10/9/2012
When deprived of "Winona/Wynona", Viona is pronounced with a soft V (Basically a W) -> Wee-oh-na.
ShoranSenSaora  10/14/2015
"Viona" in some cases is deprived from the Name "Winona"/"Wynona".
ShoranSenSaora  10/14/2015

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