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kayisforkeen  8/18/2018
Middle daughter is named Virgie. Both my husband and I had paternal grandmothers who were named Virgie. We were looking for a strong unique name to go with the rest of the family (including his and mine), and wanted to honor our past as well. Some people have been vocal about not liking it, but I have had a lot of very postive, personal reactions... especially from older people. I guess it was a somewhat common name in the past and I have had multiple people approach me in public after hearing me call her to tell me about their beloved aunt/mother/sister/wife named Virgie... There have even been tears! Honestly, I think it is really cool, and I LOVE hearing about "other people's Virgies". Johnny Cash even wrote and performed a song about his Aunt Virgie and how special she was to him!
Her nickname is Gigi, but she has decided to go by Virgie when she starts scool in the Fall.
MsJaNaeValentine  6/10/2016
It's a super cute name : ). It's my granmother's name. I love it.
― Anonymous User  5/20/2011
A variant of this name is Virgia.
― Anonymous User  6/20/2009
It sounds too close to "virgin", and makes me think of Anna Nicole Smith's annoying mother.
bananarama  9/22/2008
Virgie Arthur is the mother of the late Anna Nicole Smith.
carenmuffin  8/24/2007

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