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Virgil, the ancient poet admired by Dante, is Dante's guide in Hell in Dante's Divine Comedy.
-- Anonymous User  7/15/2005
'Vergil' is the name of Dante's twin brother in the hit video game series 'Devil May Cry'. According to the Wikipedia entry to the Devil May Cry games:

"The story alludes to The Divine Comedy in the game's areas (roughly resembling and representing inferno, purgatorio, and paradiso) as well as in some of the character names; however it is purely an aesthetic similarity, and indeed the game borrows from a very wide range of sources for inspiration."
-- Virjill  9/10/2006
Virgil Tracy is the pilot of Thunderbird 2 and second eldest of the Tracy Brothers from the popular British TV series Thunderbirds.
-- Anonymous User  7/23/2007
Pronounced veer-jil (Romanian)
-- moarteainvacanta  9/12/2007
Unfortunately, it seems like this name has been dragged into the "redneck" stereotype by popular entertainment. It just reminds me of the characters on "Mama's Family" or a one-liner from Jeff Foxworthy.
-- leananshae  12/17/2007
Virgil happens to also be the first name of the lead singer of The Cruxshadows - a popular Darkwave band. He goes by Rogue.
-- Anonymous User  1/13/2008
I prefer the spelling 'Vergil' as it is closer to the original Latin name (Vergilius).
-- kateyvic  8/15/2008
I used to like this name, but now it sounds outdated and redneck to me. Immediately, I think of the hideous politician Virgil Goode.
-- bananarama  6/24/2009
Virgil Thompson, American composer and Polydore Vergil, English historian of Italian origin.
-- Anton  3/7/2010
Virgil Tracy was named after Virgil Grissom, a NASA Astronaut. All the Tracy brothers were named after the first five Americans into space, I believe.
-- euterpe-nyx  5/10/2010
Virgil Earp, brother of Wyatt and Morgan, was a Deputy U.S. Marshall in the Arizona territory made famous by his involvement in the OK Corral gunfight of Tombstone, October 26, 1881.
-- pennypacker  1/23/2011
Virgil Green is an American football player.
-- Anonymous User  12/11/2011
Virgil Tibbs was a main character on the American TV series "In the Heat of the Night".
-- Anonymous User  12/11/2011
Virgil sounds really nerdy/geeky to me. I always picture it on a sort of awkward, rather unattractive teenage boy.

But at least it's the name of a Roman poet, which is cool!
-- Anonymous User  5/14/2012
Virgil Roger du Pont III is the lead singer of The Crüxshadows. He goes by the name Rogue.
-- OceanSoul  5/11/2015
Sidney Poitier was cast as Virgil Tibbs in the original 1967 Heat of the Night movie.
-- Vshaw  2/23/2016

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