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I think this would make a very beautiful girl's name. It's charming, sweet and feminine.
Yippal  1/8/2007
More accurately, in Finnish folklore virvaliekkis (wills o' the wisp) refered to small lights/fires which appeared on swamps, and they were believed to mark the hiding places of lost treasures.

As a first name, Virva is predominantly feminine; I've never encountered a male with this name.
― Anonymous User  1/13/2007
This name is utterly uminaginable on males. I've only heard of females named either Virva or Virve, the latter being far more common. The truth is that I don't find this name very pretty. Having too 'v's in one short name is too much. [noted -ed]
slight night shiver  5/13/2008
Finnish pronunciation here:
ophelia_song  4/12/2013
This name is so cool! Even the meaning.
erb816  5/16/2017

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