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This is a really nice name. I like it a lot. For short people can call him Slavik.
― Anonymous User  1/8/2005
I don't like Vyacheslav because it's weird. Nobody calls anyone "Vyacheslav" it's dumb. Every "Vyacheslav" that I know goes by "Slavik" which doesn't sound so bad.
luciecutiek  11/7/2007
Is a Ukrainian analog for Czech\Slovak\Polish WENCESLAS, VÌNCESLAV or VACLAV, which all do mean "more glory". Vyacheslav is clearly derived from Slovak „viac slávny“ („ve¾mi slávny“ => "very glorious")
Hoaxer  6/25/2008
This is a more Ukrainian name, it is widespread in Ukraine and the name's syntax is derived from neighbouring Slovakia („viac slávny“).
Hoaxer  6/25/2008

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