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I really like the sound of Warrick. And while I know Warwick is the original spelling, a bearer in the U.S. might have trouble getting his name pronounced correctly. Since the towns / neighborhoods of Warwick and Chiswick (pronounced war-ik and chiz-ik, respectively) are in the U.K. and not here in the states, everyone would probably read Warwick as war-WIK, and Warrick as war-ik.

So that's why, while Warwick admittedly looks better, I would use the spelling Warrick.
erb816  8/31/2015
Warrick Dunn (born 1975 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana) is an American football player.
― Anonymous User  8/28/2012
Warrick Brown is a character on TV crime show "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", also plainly known as "CSI: Las Vegas". He is played by actor Gary Dourdan.
Charlie1977  8/21/2007

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