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I like the name and have been thinking about it for my baby boy. We live on the west side of our city so it's kind of applicable. I like that it sounds trendy but edgy enough that he's unlikely to share it with others in his class.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2018
I like the name. My middle name is Weston and I was named after my uncle. I go by the nickname "Wes." I was always told it meant "Man from the west." "West Town" as specified here, actually makes more sense.
mncby  11/9/2017
Name of Weston Coppola Cage (1990-), son of the film actor Nicolas Cage (1964-).
Nifty_Name_Nerd  10/25/2017
I dislike Weston as a given name. It's a manifestation of the "last names as first names" trend, of which I disapprove on its own merits. While this isn't my least favourite, that doesn't mean I like it.
YITYNR  1/17/2016
Weston. Absolutely love it. It has a laid back cowboy feel - long open plains, red rocked mountains, tumbleweeds - while at the same time feeling dignified and strong and even artsy (Edward Weston might be to blame for this vibe).

A big bonus is you arrive at the nickname Wes without having to use Wesley.

We named our 2nd boy Weston. His older brother is Lennox. The last name for a first name thing is alive and well in our brood.
rovako  1/12/2015
It's been used sporadically throughout history, so at least it's a historic name that ages well. I like it, although I'd never name my kid Weston. It sounds like a last name or the hotel.
― Anonymous User  1/19/2013
Weston is a unique name. I like it very much.
Chrila96  11/19/2010
Sorry, buy whenever I hear this name I think of a Smith and Wesson handgun. And people dying in shootouts in the old West.
JW41926  5/4/2010
I love the nickname Wes, but I'm not sure about Weston. I prefer Wesley.
McHobbit  10/28/2009
Weston is the name of an awesome, extremely under-rated pop punk band. I personally love this name, especially with the nicknames Wes and West.
DestructoGirl  5/17/2009
I love the name Weston. The nickname Wes is great too. One of my son's middle names is Weston.
Name Rater  11/19/2008
This name has started to grow on me. It is a really nice name for a boy. Nicknames can be Wes or West.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2006

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