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We named our son Wyland based on this German origin and since have heard of others with the same name. Wyland is a well-used surname.
coffeeclost  1/31/2005
Famous bearer: Wieland Wagner was the grandson of composer Richard Wagner, theatre director and leader of Bayreuth, with his brother Wolfgang.
Patria-Sue  6/29/2008
I think it's pronounced as wee-luhnd. Right?
TheAnonimy  1/25/2016
Pronounced: vee-LAANT.
Wieland_Der_Schmied  6/22/2016
The original and most famous was Wieland Der Schmied, or Weyland the Smith, of such ancient works as Der Nibelungenlied, Beowulf, Dietrich von Bern, Deor, and Waldere, where he is described as the most famous sword-smith, weapons, and tools maker. He made many famous swords. Such as Nothung/Balmung and Durandart/e.

He was also in the story where he fell in Love with the Swan Maiden Schwanhilde.
Wieland_Der_Schmied  6/22/2016
I love this name, because of the famous Blacksmith! I am a Wieland, and so is one of my Sons!
Germania  4/25/2017
I strongly disagree with the identification of a name element "LAND" in Wieland.

The most common explanation is that the form is the present participle of a verb with the stem VEL, and thus analysed as Vel-and. The meaning of the verb stem is less clear, it is most frequently explained as "to manufacture skillfully". [noted -ed]
elbowin  7/31/2017
As a native speaker of German, I pronounce the name as VEE-lant (stress on the first syllable). [noted -ed]
elbowin  7/31/2017

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