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The origin is Welsh and English. In English it means 'joy' and is the name of a runic letter of the Old English alphabet. Can be used for male or female.
Beornhild  10/11/2006
I got this name from the Canadian West series by Janette Oke (the author of the book Love Comes Softly series, which was made into a Hallmark movie. It is basically a little house on the prairie style book, set in the Canadian North.) This series (When Calls the Heart, When Comes the Spring, When Breaks the Dawn, When Hope Springs New, Beyond the Gathering Storm, and When Tomorrow Comes) is about a woman named Elizabeth and her husband, a royal Canadian mountie, named Wynn. He is a strong officer who is kind and fair and strong and caring. Just the kind of man I want my son to be!
― Anonymous User  4/23/2008
Wynn is my favorite name ever for a boy. It is so sweet and handsome! It's truly unique and unusual! My son will be named Wynn, and when he is a baby I will call him Wynnie and Wynnie the Pooh. How cute!
― Anonymous User  4/23/2008

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