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I never knew that this name was associated with quarrelsome women until just today, but seeing as how she was married to Socrates I can understand why she would be disagreeable and quarrelsome if she had to live with him!

And how is this name tainted? And why, may I ask, is it that women are not allowed to be disagreeable or even spiteful (never mind that spite is a bad quality)? Men who have those same qualities are not judged nearly as harshly as women with those qualities? This is a perfectly attractive name and it could even be redeemed; give it to a girl or woman with a strong, confident personality.
gaelruadh19  1/9/2016
I've heard zan-THIP-ee. It's a character on "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." The character goes by Xan.
SimoneKadele  4/21/2015
It seems that the old stories about Xanthippe's alleged shrewishness haven't affected the name's usage - it's still used in Greece today, though now it's more often spelled Xanthippi. I know two Greek women with this name myself.
Buneary  1/2/2013
Meh, this is also pronounced ksahn-THIH-pee. But there's a ton of other options to pronounce it too.
Dragon_Clarinet  8/17/2011
I know they give the pronunciation with the name, but I think Xanthippe sounds prettier with the first syllable stressed: ZAN-ti-pee. Either way, it's beautiful.
erb816  8/21/2009
It looks pretty, but for some reason this name always makes me think of accidentally biting your tongue (something about the 'thippe' on the end).
― Anonymous User  3/14/2009
I like this name, but unfortunately, this is made out to be a bad name by historians because of the traditional stories that the historical Xanthippe was a shrew. Many of these are now believed to be fiction rather than fact.
bananarama  9/12/2008

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