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It would nowadays be spelt "Jimena." In the Cid's day, it would have been pronounced "Shee-MEN-ah." It would now be pronounced "Khee-MEN-ah or "Hee-MEN-ah."
Kosta  6/6/2007
A dear friend of mine goes by this name, she tells me it is pronounced ZEE-mena.
SingingDove114  2/28/2008
Maybe that's how she pronounces it, but that is definitely not the pronunciation in Spanish.
Kosta  7/11/2008
The Portuguese pronunciation is [shee-MEN-uh]
SugarPlumFairy  10/27/2010
I know a girl with this name, pronounced "sih-meena."
LMS  7/12/2014
― Anonymous User  1/16/2016

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