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Ya dira in Spanish means "already she will say!" Another possibility is the feminine form of the Hebrew name Yadid.
-- PJonSaul  5/13/2005
I have a friend named Yadira, and she's the only Yadira I've ever met. She used to go by "Yadi" when she was younger. At first I thought it was a little out-there, but it's really grown on me.
-- PVega  8/22/2006
I was told by a Arab man that the name "Yadira" meant Goddess of the flowers.
-- Anonymous User  9/5/2007
Well my name is Yadhira. It is pronounced the same as Yadira. You see the 'h' in Spanish is silent and not pronounced. Searching my name I have found that its origin is Arab and it means 'to be friendly'. I have also heard that in another country it meant 'to be in an agreement'. Just though I would share this with whoever sees this website.
-- Yadhira  9/12/2007
Yadira, from my knowledge, is a Hebrew name meaning "beloved friend."
-- brilliantblue  5/12/2008
I was surprised to find that this is a Latin American name of unknown origin. It struck me as Arabic.
-- Anonymous User  9/2/2013
I'd read elsewhere that Yadira was derived from the arabic word for "jade", although several other sources say it means "friend". They all seem to agree, however, that the origin of the name is arabic, which makes sense since a large part of the Spanish language comes from it.
-- Amlys  4/1/2014
I've read that Yadira is Hebrew and it means "friend." I've also seen a source that says it's a Spanish name.
-- ntpony360  3/4/2015
It seems a Semitic name...
I've never heard it before, but it has a fascinating sound!
-- Felie  5/18/2016
The name Yadira was given to 75 girls born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/13/2016

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