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Pronounced yahr-deh-nah.
Miss Claire  7/30/2006
"Y" is pronounced as "ee"
"a" is pronounced like as in "car"
"r" is pronounced like the Spanish "r"
"e" is pronounced like in "the"
The last "a" is pronounced like the first one.
The strong syllable is "de".

Yardena is the name of one of Ben Hur's sisters. There is a famous Israeli singer called Yardena Arazi. In Portuguese the translation is "Jordana", and its male version is "Jordão". It is folklorically associated with sad and introspective persons.
yardena  4/10/2007
Such a pretty name! I kind of always wished this were my Hebrew name. =( The masculine form is Yarden, which would be Jordan in English. The name is pronounced Yahr-deh-nah.
PutaGuera  12/4/2008
Grotesque! Super ugly. This is the name of a European company that makes disgusting 'deli' foods. It's ugly in every sense of the word.
― Anonymous User  5/23/2013

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