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Fima is a pet of name Yefim.
ANDREY  11/27/2006
Евфимия (Yevfimiya) is the Russian feminine form of this name. One bearer was Yevfimiya of Kiev (married 1112, died 1139), daughter of Vladimir II, Grand Duke of Kiev and second wife of Kálmán (Coloman), King of Hungary. She was the eighth queen-consort of Hungary, but was repudiated shortly after her marriage when her husband caught her in adultery. Yevfimiya's only child, Boris/Borisz, was born in Kiev and was unrecognized as Kálmán's son.
Randee15  6/30/2014
This name looks too much like "yiffing" to me. :/
mymymetrocard  11/8/2014

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