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In Russian it's pronounced "yev-GE-ni-a", it's shortened to Jenya and Jeka in Russia and Genya in Poland. In English it can perhaps be shortened to Yevgeni or Gen.
jestingrace  8/6/2007
No, Genya is not Polish. I think you mean Gienia, which is a pet form of Genowefa.
ADT  1/27/2008
Short form - Zhenya - is used to name both boys and girls.
Yevgeniya  5/5/2008
Yevgeniya Kryukova is a fairly well known Russian stage and movie actress born in 1971 Moscow, Russia.
Arcticwarrior  7/2/2012
Evgenia (or Yevgeniya) Obraztsova is a famous Russian prima ballerina, now dancing with the Bolshoi in Moscow.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2016
My parents were either going to name me Emiliya or Yevgeniya. Even though I'm glad they chose Emiliya, I still love this name. Very feminine and elegant.
emaemiliya  2/7/2016

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