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Yolanda is Spanish too.
[noted -ed]
-- Keira_111  10/9/2006
The Spanish version means ‘violet flower’.
-- YO_princess  11/16/2006
Eeew, can't stand this name.
-- DontDissMadison  5/1/2007
A famous bearer was Yolanda King, oldest daughter of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King, who recently died of a heart attack at the age of 51.
-- bibi66  5/18/2007
This name probably derives from another name, Iolanthe, which means "violet." The first part of this name, "Yo-" may come from "Io-," "-lan-" from "-lan-," and "-da" from "-the."
-- Ouaie  6/2/2007
There is something about this name that I find really beautiful.
-- Hola123  7/5/2007
This is my cousin's middle name, Maria Yolanda. I think it's kind of Italian sounding, but my cousin's last also is Italian, so that's probably why I think that. Anyway, it's a pretty unusual name, but very elegant.
-- tinydancer07  7/26/2007
I've heard the nickname Lolly used for Yolanda.
-- sharonrenee  8/10/2007
Yolanda Adams, the singer, bears this name.
-- CharlieRob  8/14/2007
My mother started to name me this and I wish she had. I think this name is so pretty and delicate.
-- Honeyrose  8/20/2007
I think it means "land of violets" in Greek.
-- Anonymous User  9/21/2007
Yolanda is a sweet name, especially for a little girl. My cousin is Yolanda.
-- Zoey3453  10/20/2007
Yolanda evolved from the Spanish Violante, which is a very old name, borne by medieval princesses and queens but virtually disapeared nowadays. Also the most usual short name in Spanish is Yoli.
-- Nosferatu  12/24/2007
In the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo, Yolanda Yewbeam was Charlie's great-great-great aunt. She was evil and probably killed Charlie's great-grandmother, Solange, at her castle. Yolanda had two endowments: shape-shifting and hypnotising. In 'Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy' or 'Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa' Yolanda shape-shifted into a young girl who went by the name Belle Donner (which Nimmo got from 'belladonna' the other name for deadly nightshade.) Yolanda was eventually electrocuted by Paton Yewbeam, her great nephew.
-- rory  3/9/2008
Yolanda Saldivar, the person who killed singer Selena, is a kinda famous bearer.
-- jasmineenimsaj  3/22/2008
I've always found this name ugly. I associate it with old and unattractive women.
-- slight night shiver  5/13/2008
There's a song by Pablo Milanes called "Yolanda". It's a very beautiful love-song and it was the reason for me to call my daughter Yolanda.
-- Anonymous User  6/14/2008
I think this name is very ugly. I would never name my daughter this.
-- snickerdoodle  7/24/2008
Ew. Sounds like the name of a fat German lady who dances around tables with her hair in braids. No offense to any Yolandas out there, you make your own name. I'm just saying.
-- GreekMythology  8/7/2008
Not too pretty. I have seen people nicknamed Yoyo.
-- reina  11/2/2008
I really like this name. It wouldn't be my first choice if I ever had a daughter, but I would consider it. I've noticed that it appears to be much more popular with Hispanics than with Caucasians.
-- Anonymous User  1/3/2009
Something about this name I just don't like. I also associate this name with yellow for an unknown reason.
-- thecookiemonster  2/14/2009
There is a Fountains of Wayne song about a lady named "Yolanda Hayes".
-- ICEyun  3/10/2009
I don't know what, but there's something about this name I just don't like. Maybe the 'anda' part at the end, but I'm not so sure.
-- -Julia-  8/19/2009
People don't like this name. But I think it is pretty cool-- like Avery I don't know "bad girl" type of name. Not just another Emily or Emma in the crowd. A stand out.
-- italiannames  10/24/2009
"Honey Bunny"'s real name in Pulp Fiction.
-- dramaelf  4/5/2010
Australian band Yolanda Be Cool who, along with DCUP, released We No Speak Americano.
-- Anonymous User  10/19/2010
Ghetto-sounding-ish yet European. Hard to describe...
-- cookiefonster1015  3/26/2013
Ehh... I don't really like this name. The spelling is ugly and if I hear the name and think of it with this spelling, it sounds ugly too. Like I picture an overweight woman with a double chin (No offense to anyone with this name, cause you might not look like that at all).
But somehow, if I hear it and think of it spelled Iolanda, it all of a sudden sounds beautiful, like an ancient princess even.
-- Anonymous User  11/1/2013
I LOVE this name! It's very unusual plus it starts with the letter 'y'- a letter which I usually find hard to appreciate much as a beginning letter for a name.
-- Anonymous User  7/5/2014
Yolanda Vargas Dulché (Born: July 18, 1926, Died: August 8, 1999) was a Mexican writer.
-- Anonymous User  12/9/2014
I really dislike this name. I don't know what it is about it, but it sounds really ugly. I have a friend who has this name and she goes by Yoyo.
-- AbbyDanyelle  6/17/2015
This name screams African-American.
-- TyrannosaurusRegina  10/1/2015
Yolanda is a very beautiful name and so are the mothers who name their child Yolanda. I have never seen an unattractive person named Yolanda.
-- sweet aries  2/28/2016
The name Yolanda was given to 106 girls born in the US in 2015.
-- HerculePoirot  6/13/2016

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