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How is this name pronounced exactly? Is it Sa-bel, Sal-belle, or Ya-sa-bel, or what?
― Anonymous User  1/28/2006
I'm no expert on this name, but I would of thought the pronunciation is more than obvious - just like Isabel and it's other variants.
KMF  10/1/2006
It's not pronounced quite like Isabel, but reather as EES-ah-bel. Stress on the EE sound of the Y, and a soft S.
― Anonymous User  1/17/2008
My name is Ysabel but I have always been known as Isabel.
― Anonymous User  12/26/2015
First and foremost this is my daughter's name! It's pronounced E-sa-bell, it's a Spanish pronunciation, the Y is the same as Yvette or Yvonne. She is 5 now and we receive many compliments!
Ysabel  1/28/2017
My daughter's name is Ysabel. Our pronunciation is E-sa-bell. For those confused by the Y it is the same pronunciation as Yvonne or Yvette. We choose the Y for this very reason, the Spanish pronunciation is the same sound and she is of Spanish heritage.
To say the name is ruined is just negative nonsense.
Ysabel  9/16/2017

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