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Means a bow as in "Archery Bow", not "pretty pink Bow".
-- YuMi-ChAn  7/6/2005
I personally love the names Yumi and Yumiko. Though "Yumiko" is not on this site, and on another I found it meant "beautiful child." I thought it would have meant "bow child" or something, because of the use of the suffix "ko" which usually means "child."
-- Yumi_Le  10/29/2005
One half of the famous JPop group Puffy AmiYumi is named Yumi.
-- HarpieSiren  11/7/2005
Again, many possibilities for this name (depending on the kanji).

-freedom (I think they also use this character for "bow", but I'm not sure)
-together/friend (rare, but I did meet one Yumi who used this kanji... though the name would normally be pronounced Tomomi in this case)
-bear (produce... as in produce fruit)


Variations with Yumi:
-- abbasdaughter  12/27/2005
This is a really cool and pretty name. And I love it. Only, one of the main characters from Code Lyoko has this name. And I really really really really hate that show. -grabs knife-
-- kuro  1/23/2006
Yumi is also the name of one of the main characters in the French anime show Code Lyoko.
-- DarkShizuka  4/18/2006
Yumi, when used as a name, refers to "yu" meaning bow, and "mi" meaning beauty, to combine together making "beauty bow," or "beautiful bow. [noted -ed]
-- Yumi  5/24/2006
Yumi is pronounced "yoo-me" or rather "you-me".
-- Yumi  5/24/2006
I think this name should mean "together" because the name is YUMI. Like, YOU and ME. YUMI.
-- Taydbug112  12/12/2006
Yumi was the name of the young alien girl character in the 1980s English-language anime kids' show "Ulysses 31". Her older brother was named Numinor (which is curious in itself as Numinor is a place name used by both J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis).
-- Chrisell  6/3/2007
Think about spelling it Yummy. I have a friend called Yummy and she is a very saucy, joyful lady!
-- leananshae  11/25/2007
When using the kanji bearing the meaning of "friend", if one chooses to pronounce it "yuu" rather than "tomo", then it's "yuu" with a long "u" and not "yu" as the yu in Yumiko. So that would be Yƻmiko. It may exist, I can't be sure, but I don't think it is really used.
-- Senko  1/24/2008
I think Yumi in Chakushin Ari counts.
-- Dianna475  12/4/2008
When I first saw this name, I thought "You me?" But then I looked at the name again and realized that this name is very nice.
-- -Julia-  7/25/2009
I like Yumi, and I think it has a sweet, simplistic and pleasant sound. But what I like most about it is the look of the kanji it is written with - 弓. It looks like what it means. Simple, curved, elegant and arched - an archery bow. Which makes it much easier (for me) to remember and draw than many other characters. I also like Yumi spelt 弓美 (because I find "beautiful bow" prettier than just "bow") and 夕美 - evening beauty, which I think has a mysterious and poetic feel to it.
-- shotgun_wedding  3/29/2010
Awww! Such a cute middle name.
-- MonsterGrapefruit  5/15/2011

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