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Živa means "alive" in Slovene.  10/1/2007
Pronounced "zhi:vah".
Karcoolka  1/28/2008
The word "živa" means "alive" in almost all Slavic languages and Živa in old Slavic myths was the goddess of life and wife of sun god Dažbog. [noted -ed]
Ninuska  2/3/2009
A Serbian name as well.
mssdm  6/8/2009
Živa is also the name of the element mercury in Croatian, Serbian and Macedonian. In Slovene itself mercury is "živo srebro", lit. living silver (cf. English quicksilver).
goricar  10/25/2010
It does not mean life, living, but "alive" - life is "življenje", "alive" is živ (masculine) and živa (feminine).
katarina ana  2/1/2011
Živa is Czech and Slovak name.
Samantha Carter  2/12/2017

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