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Another meaning used widely is "ball of fire".
nurs92382  11/21/2005
It is also a Congolese name meaning "productive", a Venetian name meaning "female kid", a French name derived from the surname of the writer "Emile Zola", an Italian name short for another Italian name "Anzola", a Zulu name meaning "tranquil", and an Italian name meaning "ball of fire" or "ball of earth".
Lilac Harlequin  10/10/2006
Zola (entertainer), South African entertainer
Calvin Zola (born 1984), Congo DR footballer
Zola Budd (born 1966), South African athlete
Zola Matumona (born 1981), Congo DR footballer
Zola Shuman, South African musician.
LMS  7/30/2007

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