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"Çîðà" ("zora") is a Slavonic word and means "dawn". That is why the female name "Çîðà" ("Zora") is also used in Bulgaria. Other names with the same route, which are used in Bulgaria, are the female name "Çîðêà" ("Zorka"), its male form "Çîðêî" ("Zorko"), the male name "Çîðàí" ("Zoran"), its female form "Çîðàíà" ("Zorana"), the female name "Çîðèíà" ("Zorina"), its male form "Çîðèí" ("Zorin"), but the most popular name in Bulgaria connected with "çîðà" is "Çîðíèöà" ("Zornitz(s)a"). In Bulgarian the word "çîðíèöà" means "morning star".
-- iva_toneva  1/15/2006
"Zora" is pronounced with short "o" and short "a" and the stress is on the 2nd syllable, i.e. on the "a"; but the English speaking people pronounce "Zora" with a stress on the 1st syllable, i.e. on the "o", that is why the "a" is not clear.
-- iva_toneva  5/8/2006
"Zora" (the stress is on the "a") is a Slavonic word and means "dawn". That is why the feminine name "Zora" (the stress is on the "a" or on the "o") is also used in Bulgaria. Other names with the same root, which are used in this country, are the feminine name "Zorka" (the stress is on the "o"), its masculine form "Zorko" (the stress is on the "o"), the masculine name "Zoran" (the stress is on the "o"), its feminine form "Zorana" (the stress is on the 1st "a"), the feminine name "Zorina" (the stress is on the "i"), its masculine form "Zorin" (the stress is on the "i"), but the most popular name in Bulgaria, which is connected with "zora", is the feminine name "Zornitza" (the stress is on the "i"). "Zornitza" means "morning star" in Bulgarian.
-- iva_toneva  5/13/2006
Zora Neale Hurston (January 7, 1891–January 28, 1960) was an American folklorist and author during the time of the Harlem Renaissance, best known for the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God.
-- ADT  8/16/2006
No offense to anyone with the name Zora, but my aunt named one of her horses Zora. It is a unique name though.
-- puppydoglover  9/28/2006
In the video game "Zelda - Ocarina of Time" the Zora are the fish-like merpeople:

-- Tango  1/15/2007
Despite the Zelda association, I would totally use this name for a daughter, I love the sound of it. The problem is, in my language, it is pronounced just like "såra" which means "to wound" Not the greatest name to be shouting at the mall, maybe?
-- Tango  6/5/2007
Zora was a character in the books Money Hungry and Begging for Change by Sharon Flake.
-- Anonymous User  7/6/2007
Zora Neale Hurston was an American folklorist and author during the time of the Harlem Renaissance, best known for the 1937 novel Their Eyes Were Watching God.
-- LMS  7/30/2007
It can also have the different spelling and pronunciation "Zarya".
-- Anonymous User  8/12/2007
In the new Disney Channel Original Series, Sonny With A Chance (starring Demi Lovato), one of the characters is named Zora.
-- LittleMissWeekender  2/21/2009
Now THIS name is unique. Not like Zoey and Mackenzie which people think sound so unique. Love this name! :DDD
-- Anonymous User  6/7/2009
In my story the main character is named Zora, I wanted to relate her to the meaning dawn, without using Dawn or Aurora.
-- italiannames  12/8/2009
In Croatia (and probably other countries as well), ZORKA is a variant/diminutive of Zora. [noted -ed]
-- goricar  3/31/2010
I think this is a really nice name, it's a shame it's not used more often in the English-speaking world. :-)
-- walesgal92  9/25/2011
English pronunciation is "ZAW-ra".
-- Meg_Simpson  1/14/2012
Zora Neale Hurston was an American author. She was born in 1891 in Notasulga, Alabama. She is best known for her novel "Their Eyes Were Watching God".
-- Anonymous User  3/28/2012
African-American actor Vondie Curtis-Hall has a daughter Zora (bron 1999).
-- Meg_Simpson  1/3/2013
The name Zora was given to 109 baby girls born in the US in 2012 :)
-- Oohvintage  7/17/2013
It sounds pretty, but it reminds me of the Zora from the Zelda games.
-- Buneary  9/21/2013
Today the most popular form of this name in Balkans is Zorana. It's female form of name Zoran that means 'the one who is like dawn', or 'bright and beautiful like dawn'. [noted -ed]
-- sagar  10/22/2013
Zorah is the first name of Mrs. Partlet, a character in Gilbert and Sullivan's opera The Sorcerer.
-- Kosta  12/26/2013
This is my grandma's name. I have to admit, Zora is a very pretty name. :)
-- Anonymous User  7/6/2014
In Spanish the word 'zorra' means 'fox' and is actually used as an insult towards girls meaning something along the lines of 'prostitute', unfortunately. :(

To pronounce 'zorra' in Spanish you would roll the letter 'r'. (You can hear the pronunciation in this link: http://www.forvo.com/word/zorra/)

I do happen to like this name, though I thought I'd warn everyone how it would be quite embarassing to have this name in the country Spain.
-- Anonymous User  9/7/2014
Don't use this if you are planning on speaking Spanish, traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, or associating with Spanish-speaking people. Zorra means "prostitute" or "slut" (lit. "fox") in Spanish. It's a shame, though, because it's really pretty...
-- SimoneKadele  4/21/2015
Zóra is the name of the best friend of the main character in Téa Obreht's "The Tiger's Wife," which takes place in unnamed Balkan countries (as determined by geographic locations mentioned within the story, most likely Serbia and Croatia).
-- Anonymous User  5/1/2015
I named my daughter Zora (6/12/15) I picked it for the uniqueness of it as that's a theme with my family & I haven't came across anyone who knows another Zora.
-- Kirbymjordan  2/2/2016
My name is Zora and other than my Aunt Zora who I am named after, I have not met any other Zora's growing up in the US. I have always enjoyed the uniqueness of the name.
-- Anonymous User  3/13/2016
My daughter's name is Zora Mae. When researching it, we found out it was a popular name in America at the turn of the century. So, if you're looking for an old-fashioned name that hasn't had a huge resurgence yet, then I think Zora is a beautiful choice. It's not so off the wall sounding when compared to popular names like Zoey, Norah, Cora, Laura, etc.

I do worry about the Spanish slang a bit (i.e. zorra=slutty) because we live in a hispanic/latino populated state, but only one person has ever made mention of it. It's pronounced very different in English, and the extra 'r' matters a lot. The same can be said about the 'e' being pretty important in 'ho vs. Hoe'. :p

And yes, it also did fit my husband's nerd criteria as he also recognized it from the Zelda video game series immediately when I suggested this name.
-- Anonymous User  3/24/2016
My name is Zora Mae. I was named after my great grandma Zora. Spelling of Mae is from my other grandma. Both were amazing ladies and I'm proud to bare their names. Personality wise I can't imagine another name. Even growing up where people would question my name I felt that sense of joy explaining where my name came from.
-- Zora_Mae  4/28/2016

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