Zoran Korach is an American actor known for his role as "Goomer" in the television series "Sam and Cat".
― Anonymous User  4/2/2016
We plan to use this name if our baby is a boy. We were looking for Serbian names (our last name's origin) that wouldn't sound too out of place in the US, and I was really liking the letter "Z" this time around.
― Anonymous User  1/24/2013
Iron Chef Cat Cora has a son named Zoran.
Dawson  11/25/2010
Zoki is the short form of Zoran in Croatia. Usually only a nickname though, as an actual name it's very rare.
goricar  11/19/2010
Zoran Beèiæ - Bosnian actor
Zoran Baldovaliev - Macedonian football player
Zoran Cvijanoviæ - Serbian actor
Zoran Æiriæ - Serbian writer
Zoran Djeriæ - Bosnian politician
Zoran Djindjic - Serbian politician
Zoran Dukiæ - Croatian classical guitarist
Zoran Eriæ - Serbian composer
Zoran Feriæ - Croatian writer
Zoran Filipoviæ - Montenegrin football coach
Zoran G. Janèiæ - Bosnian pianist
Zoran Janjetov - Serbain comic artist
Zoran Jankoviæ - Slovenian politician
Zoran Jankoviæ - Bulgarian football player
Zoran Jovanovski - Macedonian football player
Zoran Kneževiæ - Serbian astronomer
Zoran Kneževiæ - Serbian politician
Zoran Krušvar - Croatian writer
Zoran Kršul - Croatian poet and literary critic
Zoran Liliæ - Serbian politician
Zoran Lonèar - Serbian politician
Zoran Mamiæ - Croatian football player
Zoran Milinkoviæ - Serbian politician
Zoran Mirkoviæ - Serbian football player
Zoran Obradoviæ - American mathematician of Serbian origin
Zoran Pavloviè - Slovenian football player
Zoran Planiniæ - Croatian basketball player
Zoran Pešiæ - Serbian rugby league player
Zoran Popoviæ - American computer scientist of Serbian origin
Zoran Predin - Slovenian musician
Zoran Radmiloviæ - Serbian actor
Zoran Radoviæ - Serbian basketball player
Zoran Rankiæ - Serbian actor
Zoran Rant - Slovenian scientist
Zoran Redžiæ - Bosnian musician
Zoran Saviæ - Serbian basketball player
Zoran Simjanoviæ - Serbian musician
Zoran Simoviæ - Montenegrin football player
Zoran Skoèir - Croatian university professor
Zoran Stankoviæ - Serbian politician
Zoran Stanèiè - Slovenian scientist and politician
Zoran Stojkoviæ - Serbian politician
Zorán Sztevanovity - Hungarian musician
Zoran Šami - Serbian Politician
Zoran Urumov - Serbian footballer
Zoran Vanev - Macedonian musician
Zoran Velkoski - Macedonian scientist
Zoran Vujoviæ - Croatian football player
Zoran Vukman - Croatian journalist
Zoran Vukoviæ - Bosnian Serb war crime suspect
Zoran Vuliæ - Croatian football player
Zoran Žigiæ - Bosnian Serb war crime suspect
Zoran Živkoviæ - Serbian politician
Zoran Živkoviæ - Serbian handball player
Zoran Živkoviæ - Serbian writer.
― Anonymous User  7/30/2007
A famous bearer of this name is the tragicly killed first Serbian democratic prime minister Zoran Djindjic (1952-2003), who liberated us from the monster named Milosevic. Rest in peace, brave one.
vmzupa  1/24/2006
From Sanskrit Surya meaning the sun.
zorank  2/26/2005
Sanskrit Surya comes from Slavic Sija (Seeyah) which means shining. Sanskrit has its roots in Slavic. I read some Sanskrit texts (transliterated of course) they sound Slav.
mssdm  4/30/2008

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