Names with "blessing" in Meaning

This is a list of names in which the meaning contains the keyword blessing.
There are 13 names matching your criteria.

BARAK (2)   m   Arabic
Meanings "blessing" in Arabic.
BARAKAT   m   Arabic
Means "blessings" in Arabic, a plural form of BARAK (2).
BRACHA   f   Hebrew
Means "blessing" in Hebrew.
EMI   f   Japanese
From Japanese 恵 (e) "blessing, favour" or 絵 (e) "picture" combined with 美 (mi) "beautiful".
ENKHJARGAL   f   Mongolian
Means "peace blessing" in Mongolian.
KAZUE   f   Japanese
From Japanese 和 (kazu) "harmony" or 一 (kazu) "one" combined with 枝 (e) "branch" or 恵 (e) "blessing, favour".
MASEGO   f   Southern African, Tswana
Means "blessings" in Tswana.
MEGUMI   f   Japanese
Means "blessing" in Japanese... [more]
NGOZI   f & m   Western African, Igbo
Means "blessing" in Igbo.
NIMA (1)   f & m   Arabic
Means "blessing" in Arabic.
NIMAT   f & m   Arabic
Means "blessings" in Arabic, a plural form of NIMA (1).
SIRIPORN   f   Thai
Means "glorious blessing" in Thai.
SOMPORN   m   Thai
Derived from Thai สม (som) "worthy" and พร (phon) "blessing".