Namesakes for Waldemar

Namesakes for WALDEMAR:
  Danish Kings and Queens: 4 kings
      King Valdemar I the Great (a.k.a. Waldemar)   1157-1182  
      King Valdemar II the Victorious (a.k.a. Waldemar)   1202-1241  
      King Valdemar III (a.k.a. Waldemar)   1326-1330  
      King Valdemar IV Atterdag (a.k.a. Waldemar)   1340-1375  

  German Chancellors: 1 chancellor
      Helmut Schmidt (a.k.a. Waldemar)   1974-1982  

  Other Royalty: 1 prince
      Joachim of Denmark (a.k.a. Waldemar)   1969-   Denmark  

  Swedish Kings and Queens: 1 king
      King Valdemar (a.k.a. Waldemar)   1250-1275