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PronouncedPron.VAL-də-mar German
val-DE-mar Polish

Meaning & History

Germanic derivative of the Slavic name VLADIMIR (or perhaps a cognate composed of the Germanic elements wald "rule" and mari "famous"). It was introduced into Scandinavia by the 12th-century Danish king Waldemar (or Valdemar) who was named after a royal ancestor of his Ukrainian mother.
VariantsValdemar Swedish Valdemar Norwegian Valdemar Danish
DiminutiveWaldek Polish
Other Languages & CulturesWaldomar Ancient Germanic Valdimárr Ancient Scandinavian Wealdmær Anglo-Saxon Uladzimir Belarusian Vladimir, Vlado Bulgarian Vladimir, Vlado, Vlatko Croatian Vladimír, Vladan Czech Valdemar, Valto Finnish Vladimer, Lado Georgian Vladimirs, Voldemārs, Valdis Latvian Valdemaras, Vladimiras, Valdas, Voldemaras Lithuanian Vladimir, Vlado, Vlatko Macedonian Vladilen, Vladimir, Vladlen, Volodya, Vova Russian Vladimir, Vladan, Vlado, Vlatko Serbian Vladimír, Vladan, Vlado Slovak Vladimir, Vlado Slovene Volodymyr, Wolodymyr Ukrainian


fame, kings, royalty, The Sopranos characters
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