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Gender Masculine
Usage Latvian

Meaning & History

Short form of VOLDEMĀRS and other Latvian names containing the Germanic/Baltic element wald "rule".
Feminine FormValda
Other Languages & CulturesWaldomar(Ancient Germanic) Valdimárr(Ancient Scandinavian) Wealdmær(Anglo-Saxon) Uladzimir(Belarusian) Vladimir, Vlado(Bulgarian) Vladimir, Vlado, Vlatko(Croatian) Vladimír, Vladan(Czech) Valdemar, Waldemar(Danish) Valdemar(Finnish) Vladimer, Lado(Georgian) Waldemar(German) Valdemaras, Visvaldas, Vladimiras, Valdas, Vladas, Voldemaras(Lithuanian) Vladimir, Vlado, Vlatko(Macedonian) Valdemar, Waldemar(Norwegian) Waldemar, Włodzimierz, Waldek, Włodek(Polish) Vladilen, Vladimir, Vladlen, Vsevolod, Volodya, Vova(Russian) Vladimir, Vladan, Vlado, Vlatko(Serbian) Vladimír, Vladan, Vlado(Slovak) Vladimir, Vlado(Slovene) Valdemar, Waldemar(Swedish) Volodymyr, Vsevolod, Wolodymyr(Ukrainian)
Same SpellingValdís
User SubmissionValdis


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