canuckflame's Personal Name Lists

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There are 16 names on canuckflame's personal name list.
Name M/F Comment
ANNIE   f  Hebrew: favour, grace 
CORA   f  Greek: maiden 
ELLIOTT   m  Hebrew: my God is Yahweh 
FINLAY   m  Scottish: fair warrior 
FRANCESCA   f  Italian: Frenchman 
JULIAN   m  Latin: youthful 
KADE   f  Scottish: from the wetlands 
LUCY   f  Latin: light 
MAGGIE   f  Greek: pearl 
RAPHAEL   m  Hebrew: God has healed 
RHETT   m  Dutch; advice; counsel 
SETH (1)   m  Hebrew: placed, appointed 
SIBYLLA   f  Greek: prophetess 
SIMON   m  Hebrew: he has heard 
SOPHIA   f  Greek: wisdom 
SPENCER   m  Middle English: dispenser of provisions