metope's Personal Name Lists

A River Dark (99) Main (42) The Morrison Family (15)
Name M/F Comment
AVALON  f  Used as a middlename to Luna 
BELLA  f  Fullname: Bella Magnolia Morrison 
HARLEY  f  Fullname: Harley Henna Morrison 
HENNA  f  Middlename for Harley 
KRISTEN (2)  f  Middlename for Meadow 
LUNA  f  Fullname: Luna Avalon Morrison 
MAE  f  Middlename for Roxy 
MAGNOLIA  f  Used as a middlename to Bella 
MEADOW  f  Fullname: Meadow Kristen Savage 
ROXY  f  Fullname: Roxy Mae Morrison 
DEREK  m  Middlename for Lucas 
JAMES  m  The middlename for River 
LUCAS  m  Fullname: Lucas Derek Morrison 
RAY  m  Used as a middlename for Memphis 
RIVER  m  Fullname: River James Morrison