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Meaning & History

Short form of RAYMOND, often used as an independent name. It coincides with an English word meaning "beam of light". Science-fiction author Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) and musician Ray Charles (1930-2004) are two notable bearers of the name.
Feminine FormsRae, Raelyn, Raelynn, Ramona, Raelene, Raylene
Other Languages & CulturesRaginmund, Raimund Ancient Germanic Erramun Basque Ramon, Raimon Catalan Raimo, Reima Finnish Raymond French Raimund, Reimund German Rajmund Hungarian Réamann, Redmond, Redmund Irish Raimondo Italian Raimonds Latvian Remao, Mao Limburgish Raimondas Lithuanian Rajmund Polish Raimundo Portuguese Raymundo Portuguese (Brazilian) Rajmund Slovene Raimundo, Ramón, Raymundo Spanish


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Entry updated December 3, 2014