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[Opinions] Norwegian quadruplets
Born just a few days ago. :) Two girls and two boys:Thea
TrymNorwegians generally don't have middle names, so I doubt these have either. Even though I know Trym (a giant who stole Thor's hammer in Norse mythology) is a lot more common in Norway than here in Sweden, I still think it looks out of place compared to the other three's more elegant names ... (But at least it's better than the Swedish article I first read about them in - they said his name was Jayne?!)
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Thea, Sophia and Emil are nice, but Trym makes me think of a pig, because it's close to grymt (oink) and tryne (pig's snout). But at least it wasn't Jayne! ;)

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I love Thea and Emil. And I see thee appeal of Sophia, despite its popularity. Trym is a bit odd. Interesting, though.
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I like all names except Trym. And I agree with you, it looks very out of place. With those siblings, I would have expected something like Gabriel, Isak, Noah, William, Rasmus
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I don't like Thea, but the rest is okay to awesome.
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I like Thea and Sophia, even though Sophia is incredibly popular here in the states. The other two don't make much of an impression on me.
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