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[Facts] Pronunciation of Charlotte?
A while ago I was talking to someone and a person by the name of Charlotte (the princess, to be precise) came up. My conversation partner was surprised to hear me pronounce the name as Tyar-lotte (like Charles). They said that the name is never pronounced like that. I thought this to be wrong, but when we looked it up I saw that I indeed cannot find a registered pronunciation of the name with a Ty-sound.The thing is, English is not my first language; I know a large part of names or vocabulary from TV. I'm convinced that I recall hearing someone pronounce it the way I do on TV somewhere.So my question is, does anyone else ever hear the name pronounced with a Tch instead of a Sh-sound? Is this just a mistake I made in remembering?- PurpleThinking of...
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Charlotte is virtually always pronounced with SH- in English; I can't recall ever hearing it any other way.If you look up Charlotte in this database, you will see that all the listed pronunciations begin with SH-.

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Ah my apologies, I meant it the other way around. That was careless of me, I'll edit it.
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To answer your revised question, if an English-speaker pronounces Charlotte with a hard Ch- as in Charles, that is very much the exception. As I stated, I have never heard this myself.
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Me neither. I'm assuming it's the influence of the French pronounciation, in which both Charles and Charlotte have a Sh- sound.

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