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[Opinions] Freya and Norwegian nsmes
Wdyt of Freya? Fave Norwegian name?
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I've always preferred Frida, which I find more dramatic. Now I think Freya is more down-to-earth and less cold, but I still vote for my free-spirited Frida.I also like Eiril(d), Torill, Sylvi.

Btw, Freya is quite popular in the UK, which surprised me greatly.
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Where I live, an Afrikaans word that sounds like Freya means 'lover, someone who has sex with people'. Enough said.I like Sigrid best, I think. Birgit is also good, and so are Karen and Karin.
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I think Freya is honestly very pretty, but it feels somehow cold and synthetic to me. I have the same problem with Iris.My favorite Norwegian name is Ulrikke/Ulrik, along with:
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I like it. Astrid and Erik
Also Kirsten, Kristen, Marita, Kai, Karin, Johanna, Katrine, Heidi, Ingrid

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