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Subject: Re: Top 10 names for June '11
Author: Hufflepuffer   (Authenticated as Ora)
Date: June 1, 2011 at 1:16 PM
Reply to: Re: Top 10 names for June '11 by Jessamine

Current GPs:
Io Persephone - Someone else who loves Io! I thought I was alone lol! I love Persephone too, but I think the two together is a bit much.
Ione Araminta - Cool, and very quirky but at the same time classic.

I love Cora (prefer Coralie), Alexandra, Rue, Valencia, Odessa, and Aiden too.


Currently loving:

I like Kieran (prefer Ciaran), Nathan, Ellen, Etta Belle (very pretty), Isla Belle (ditto), Adelaide, and Anastasia.

Top Combos

Alexander Ryan - classic and handsome
Tyler David - kinda boring but nice
Christopher John - ditto
Oliver Henry - I like it a lot
William Morgan - like it a lot
Julian Elliot - like both separately but not together
Jacob Elias - like Jacob, meh on Elias, feels like a weird combo
Kendal Mason - really don't like this at all, it's kinda ugly imo

Lauren Elisabeth - pretty and classic
Bailey Grace - Like Grace but the combo feels like something I'd see on Teen Mom
Layla Audrey - pretty and classic but unexpected at the same time
Audrey Theresa - ditto
Kristen Brianne - don't like it
Jordan Madeleine - meh
Ellen Jane - simple and pretty
Jane Olivia - ditto
Kendall Charlotte - Hate Kendell, love Charlotte
Etta Violet - pretty
Henrietta Sophia Belle - Very southern belle
Augusta Faye - very pretty and kinda magical
Lila Annette - very southern belle
Zara Eleanor Belle - ditto

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