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Subject: Re: November Top 10
Author: Adenydd   (Authenticated as faelivrin)
Date: November 1, 2011 at 12:25 AM
Reply to: Re: November Top 10 by Siân

I started out talking about the ones I like best but I somehow ended up writing about them all.

Fionán - love it spelled Fionnan. One N looks strange to me.
Kieran - spelled Ciaran. Kieran looks like it could become trendy quickly, if it isn't already.
Miles / Milo - Miles makes me think of someone who is mean. Milo is really sweet though.
Finch - interesting! I could see myself using it as a middle name, but not a first.
Shealyn "Shea" - eh, not my style.
Murray - not a fan; because of an unfortunate association, it makes me think of a dumb jock.
Cyril - I only think of the Cyrillic alphabet, unfortunately (and end up pronouncing it wrong.)
Lennox - not my style; makes me think of MacBeth.
Vyvyan - I would normally criticize such a spelling, but since I know it's from a literary source, I totally understand the appeal.
Darcy - Mr. Daaahhhrcy! a guilty pleasure for me.
Runner Up: Monday - I'll just say I am not a fan.

Eliza - sweet and spunky.
Estella - not a fan of Ella names.
Finja - interesting. I'll have to think this one over.
Georgiana - dislike; seems snooty.
Mabel - warm, friendly, and inviting; love it.
Juliet - I go back and forth on this one.
Viviana - I prefer Vivienne. It has more zest.
Magda - shortened for of Magdalena? Hmm. I could get behind that...
Siân - Welsh, and exotic but restrained. Lovely.
Philippa - never understood the appeal.
Runner Up: Frances - Frances has been growing on me. She's lovely.

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