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Subject: Combined top ten
Author: xx   (guest)
Date: October 2, 2012 at 9:31 PM
Reply to: Top Ten for October! by erb816

I don't usually post on here, but I've just tallied the top tens (thus far) and the results are interesting.

5x Theodore/Theodor
4x Edmund, George, Lewis, Isaac
3x Alexander, Ezra, Felix, Frederick, Luke, Malcolm, Max, Samuel, Sebastian, Tobias
2x Aaron, Aiden, August, Benedict, Boaz, Gideon, Henri/Henry, Henry, James, Jasper, John, Jules, Laszlo, Malachi, Oliver, Oscar, Quentin, Raphael, Remy, Richard, Rupert, Seth, Tennyson, Thomas, Walter, Wesley, William

5x Iris
4x Helena, Lydia, Rose, Sylvie
3x Alice, Genevieve, Melody, Miriam/Mirjam, Virginia
2x Annabeth, Beatrice, Belle, Catherine/Katharine, Eleanor, Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Eulalie, Hazel, Hermione, Julia, Kira, Liliana, Maelle, Meredith, Penelope, Rosaline, Rosemary, Saskia, Susanna, Xanthe

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