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Subject: Re: Spelling
Author: Crista   (Authenticated as firefly123)
Date: April 1, 2013 at 1:18:59 PM
Reply to: Spelling by Isis
Isabelle- I like Belle as a nn, which works better for this spelling
Claire- Clare looks incomplete
Catherine- I know Kathryn is a legit spelling, but I prefer the original (same goes for Caitlin over Kaitlyn)
Kaye- As a full name, Kaye looks more complete. I'd choose Kay if it were a nickname
Aveline or Evelyn- Are you pronouncing these the same? I definitely prefer Aveline if pronounced AV-ah-leen/ AYV-ah-leen
Sarah- Sara looks like you forgot to finish writing it
Mark- For the biblical association
Luke- Luc looks like it should be pronounced the same as luck
Jack- Jacuqes is cool, but would definitely sound pretentious on someone who isn't French
Niahm- I love Irish/ Gaelic names, and almost always prefer the traditional to the phonetic spelling
Sean- Same as Niamh
Celine- Celine just looks much prettier
Christina- Kristina is in the same vein as Kathryn
Alan- Not sure why, but Allen reminds me more of a middle-aged man. Alan seems more fresh
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